Candy Crush Soda Saga Fish challenge

What are the best levels to get fish in Soda Saga?
The fishing challenge is only available to mobile players at the time of writing although this may change later.
The fishing challenge is Soda Saga is a good way to win lots of free boosters if you have plenty of free time to play endless games to collect fish.

Fish are only counted if you make them yourself, or if they are made by cascades when you make a move.
Fish DO NOT count towards your total if you switch a colour bomb with a fish or the fish made from green soda.
You have to PASS the level to get the fish you have made in that level, if you fail the level you lose them.
After you play one game for the fish you are entered into a tournament against other players, your FB friends and some players from the King website.
In order to win boosters you have to collect more fish than the players on your leaderboard.
To find out who you are playing against and how many fish you need to win you need to click on the tournament picture on the left of the map page, see image.

This will also show how long is left in the tournament.
If you are at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the tournament you win loads of boosters. There are boosters to be won right down to the 10th place in the tournament, the higher you are placed the more boosters you win.
This is what you can win for coming first! As you can see it is worth the time spent playing if you have plenty to spare.

You can play any level for the tournament, and you can play the levels as many times as you like.
You get 10 fish for each one you make in the level you are currently up to in the game and only one if you go back to play previous levels.
Below are some good levels for making lots of fish.
Level 3, 8, 14, 34, 153 and 233.
I am sure there are others but these are the ones the players from the Soda Saga All Help group have found to be good.


chi-towns finest said...

I am on the verge of winning 3 fishing tournaments in a row. So far that would make me the first to do so. Feels good to be the best in the world. I've played all tournaments since they can out. I've won 6 but never 3 in a row. No one has. Ive watched leaderboards and haven't seen anyone complete this fete. I do hope King sees this and reward me for being the first to be on top for so long.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot

chi-towns finest said...

Why? Not cool. I'm stating facts. Look at the leaderboard. You'll see AB on top. It's been there 3 straight tourneys!!!! Hasn't been done before.

chi-towns finest said...

Make that 4 in a row now. Guess I'm still and idiot huh. For being good enough to stay atop a leaderboard of the whole world

Jagtar Singh said...

ਉਤਕਰਸ਼ ਬੇਸਟ ਹੈ।

Anonymous said...

I have news for you chi-towns finest.... There is not one challenge with everyone in the world who plays this game, there are several challenges going at once. You are def not the only person who has won several times in a row. I actually won 4 challenges in a row about a month ago, it was about a week or 2 after the first time the challenge had showed up on my device. The "accounts" or players that get included in challenges are quite often randomly selected and not EVERYONE who has ever played the game is playing these challenges at the same time. I'm actually embarrassed that I even know this much information, but, I was going thru an addicted phase of the game for a bit.

shujath ahmed siddiqui said...

i have won 8 in a row and 1 second place so.. your not on the best in the world.. on other note i made 9227 fishes in one of the tournament take that....

Candy Crush Soda Saga said...

Is Great.

Ann A. Lyst - Project Coordinator (King) said...

Get a job and some friends! The tournaments engage small pools of players in seperate competitions. You have no way of knowing the true "top score" because the numbers are tallied within individual groups. Each represents a mere fraction of the global population of players. And being "the best" at swiping imaginary candies on your phone isn't exactly a skilled accomplishment. Be productive, focus all that time and energy to master something that actually makes a difference in the world.... then you can brag ;-) I turned my passion for puzzles, gaming and math into a career and am able to do what I love and love what I do!!! You CAN be the best, but stay humble and channel your talent into positive outlets that benefit those around you instead of staring down in search of glory.

chi-towns finest said...

@ann a lyst
Wow. Can't believe you people. Most considerate people would be hey good job. I'll too that or Ive done better. Some friendly competition. But to throw comments about what to do with MY time is amazing in it of itself. What do you care how I use my time and assume I need to use my time to "accomplish" something worth "bragging" about. First of all I wasn't bragging. I posted a comment and people out of nowhere come out hating. Cause that's all it is. I never said I was the best in the world or best at the game. It was simple invitations to have friendly competitions. The fact that I have to explain that and the fact that no grasped the meaning isn't much of a shock. Your so called accomplishments or whatever you feel your so proud of must not include knowing how to read. Or having a smart functional brain. Just because you studied or read books to get a degree or whatever you feel is so high and mighty only means you can copy from books on what you think is knowledge. Education is great. I know it all too well. I don't "brag" about any of my so called achievements. Just cause I have a degree don't give me a right to be an asshole. Knowledge comes from interactions with the world. Learning from mistakes and bettering yourself and those around you that mean something to you. But I didn't come here to belittle anyone. Don't bother commenting cause I'm deleting my profile from here because it seems only morns are on here. Did not know that when I signed up. See ya. Be gone now.

Cookies said...

I don't see the point, fish within the game work but the fish boosters don't do anything???

Barb Backman said...

Fish boosters are awesome! They double the fish when u play them. If you match a cookie with a fish u get double! :-)